Crude Oil, Gold Vulnerable as Sentiment Sours Across Financial Markets – Yahoo Finance

Crude Oil, Copper Vulnerable as BIS Warns on Limits of Loose Monetary Policies Gold and Silver May Decline if Risk Aversion Stokes Haven Demand for US Dollar Commodities appear vulnerable after the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) said ...Original Post By Google News Yahoo Finance … [Read more...]

Societe Generale: ‘Buy Gold Ahead Of QE3’ –

It is becoming increasingly difficult for gold and silver investors to "keep the faith" in volatile markets. The lack of substantive monetary policy action by the Federal Reserve on Wednesday prompted a plunge of more than $50 an ounce in the gold price by ...Original Post By Google News … [Read more...]

Is Gold About to Rally? USD Index and Crude Oil Prices Suggest Otherwise – goldseek

Congratulations. Let’s all take a collective deep sigh of relief. Instead of a new crisis, we're just going to keep having the same old one. Greeks voted to stay in the European Union with a narrow victory for the center-right New Democracy party.Original Post By Google News goldseek … [Read more...]

Gold Price Chart

A gold price chart is an excellent analysis tool. A chart is simply a graph of the prices of gold over a particular period of time. The most common type of chart is the bar chart. It gets its from the fact it is shaped like a bar. There are 4 basic components of a bar chart. A Daily Bar Chart is … [Read more...]